Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer a compressor instead of selling an entire HVAC unit?

By offering remanufactured scroll compressors at a competitive price, ARRCO has created a new opportunity for HVAC professionals. Our remanufactured compressors allow clients to provide replacement services at an affordable price with the added option of an extended warranty. Our clients develop the reputation of distributing competitively-priced, high quality products, backed by an environmentally-friendly company with unmatched customer service.

Can I replace a reciprocating HVAC compressor with a scroll HVAC compressor?

Yes. ARRCO’s remanufactured scroll compressors can be interchanged with older, less reliable reciprocating compressors just as easily as an existing scroll. We make the HVAC compressor interchange process easier by providing solid copper fittings and our 56% silver induction brazing process creates high heat resistance in the field, making the brazing process simple and clean.

Where are ARRCO products available?

ARRCO distributes remanufactured compressors to the United States, Mexico, and South America.

What is the price difference between a new scroll compressor and an ARRCO remanufactured scroll compressor?

On average, the price of an ARRCO remanufactured compressor will be 40% – 50% less than a new compressor. In addition, ARRCO offers the same, or better, warranty than new compressor manufacturers.

Besides the remanufactured compressor, what other accessories will I need to complete the compressor replacement?

The recommended components you will need include:

  • Filter Drier: The filter drier helps recduce the amount of moisture in an HVAC system as well as acid, dirt or sludge.
  • Run Capacitor: Every single-phase PSC motor needs a run capacitor. Each motor is paired with the appropriate capacitor size for optimum performance of the electric motor inside your compressor.
  • Wiring Harness: Makes connection simple and allows customer service personnel to understand wiring configurations during any trouble shooting.


The ARRCO Compression Replacement Kit containing these three items is available for additional purchase. ARRCO also offers a Compressor Protection Kit which includes a hard start with mechanical relay, time delay relay contactor, and suction line drier to take your installation to the next level.

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