Benefits of Remanufactured
HVAC Compressors

Revenue for Companies, Savings for Customers

Remanufactured ARRCO scroll compressors are far less expensive than the price of a new scroll compressor. This allows our customers to offer lower prices than their competitors. We also sell our compressor kits at a discounted rate by selling tens of thousands of kits annually. Each kit is made to fit the compressor being purchased, and contains a Bi-Flow Filter Drier, Dual Run Capacitor, and a 5’ long wiring harness that is color coded to the diagram posted on the box.

Interchange with Reciprocating Compressors

ARRCO’s remanufactured scroll compressors can be interchanged with older, less reliable reciprocating compressors just as easily as an existing scroll. In some cases, they also have the ability to handle liquid slugging of refrigerant when the reciprocating compressors have problems doing so. We make the HVAC compressor interchange process easier by providing solid copper fittings and our 56% silver induction brazing process creates high heat resistance in the field, making the brazing process simple and clean.

Improved Compressor Durability

The heart of an HVAC compressor is the electric hermetic motor. ARRCO builds all hermetic motors in Cookeville, Tennessee. Every motor is tested by a certified Baker Motor Tester three times during the manufacturing process. One of ARRCO’s trained motor technicians hand-inspects each motor to ensure proper phase paper placement by our equipment. Nomex and Kapton insulation straws are used to cover the leads connecting to the plug, protecting the insulation on the lead wire from damage caused by vibration inside the compressor. To counteract motor burnout, our alignment is checked before and after welding, and each ARRCO Compressor Kit is equipped with a Filter Drier to help with moisture and acid removal from the HVAC system.

Green Company with Environment Focus

ARRCO is a production recycler. Used HVAC compressors are remanufactured by holding the tightest tolerances, testing all the valves, replacing any worn parts, machining existing surfaces, winding a new electric stator in house, and welding the compressor back together to give the same height and diameter of the original compressor. With this process, an average of 65 combined pounds of steel, copper, aluminum, oil and cast iron are salvaged per compressor we remanufacture. ARRCO prevents every core purchased from being thrown into a landfill or shipped overseas, reducing the carbon footprint.

One-Year Warranty

ARRCO provides a limited warranty on its remanufactured scroll HVAC compressors. For the period of the first one (1) year from the date of the original installation, ARRCO will provide one (1) free replacement compressor to the original purchaser through a licensed service contractor/ARRCO distributor if the unit should fail under normal use during the coverage period, because of a defect in materials, or defect in workmanship during the remanufacturing process.

We Buy Your Cores

ARRCO purchases used HVAC compressors from customers and non-customers. Call the number below for the latest core pricing.