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ARRCO LLC. of Cookeville, Tennessee is a three generation family owned and operated business. As a family we love remanufacturing and the challenges of providing the best service to our customers. We like to think we are partners with our customers helping them to provide a better service and products to the home owners and business owners that rely on them. As a company our employees are our greatest asset and many times they have some of the most innovative ideas that allow us to provide a great product.

To tell you a little bit about our experience in the remanufacturing market. We have been in the remanufacturing business since 1968. We pioneered the remanufacturing of torque converters in 1968  and was the leading remanufacturer of torque converters until we sold the company in 1988 and ran the company until 2000. At that point we had decided we were going into the heating industry and manufactured the Amaizablaze cornstove from 1990-2008. We also created and manufactured the transmission that powers the Boss Hoss motor cycle for over 15 years. We have a lot of experience in remanufacturing and manufacturing alike and continue to create new and innovative ideas.

We strive to have the best quality and service of any remanufacturer in operation today but still offering you the best price on the market. How do we do that you ask? By holding the tightest tolerances, testing all the valves, replacing any wear parts, machining existing surfaces, winding a new electric stator in house, and welding the compressor back together to give you the same height and diameter of the original compressor.

Before starting another company we decided we wanted to be a green company. What we mean by that is that we are a production recycler. This means we purchase a used compressor (core) and we cut it apart and replace any wear part and re machine existing parts and then reassemble that compressor welding it back together holding all the required tolerances. In this process we salvage on average 65 Lbs of steel, copper, aluminum, oil and cast iron combined. For every core we bring into our facility we prevent it from being thrown in the landfill or shipped overseas. We care about the environment and know we can produce a great reliable product safely while reducing our carbon footprint.


ARRCO LLC. is an Independent Remanufacturer of HVAC Compressors

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