After cutting apart thousands of compressors here a Arrco LLC., we have created a quality control system to counteract issues caused by the hermetic motor inside the compressor itself, which, as many technicians know, is one of the major problems in the HVAC compressor industry. We have built several machines to counter the quality issues. We understand the heart of your HVAC system is the compressor itself, but the heart of the compressor is the electric motor, and we have taken steps to ensure our customers receive a quality product:

  • - We build all of our own hermetic motors right here in Cookeville, Tennessee.
  • - Every motor is tested by a certified Baker Motor Tester three times in the manufacturing process.
  • - One of our trained motor technicians hand-inspect each motor to ensure proper phase paper placement by our equipment.
  • - Nomex and Kapton insulation straws are used to cover the leads connecting to the plug, protecting the insulation on the lead wire from damage caused by vibration inside the compressor.

Motor burnouts can be caused by several things, such as alignment, bushing wear, or the introduction of acid into the system. To counteract these problems, our alignment is checked before and after welding, and each Arrco Compressor Kit is equipped with the HPC Filter Drier capable of some moisture and acid removal from the hvac system.